Tool for finding out which CSS selectors you're NOT using.

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What is it?

This blog post hopefully describes it best. Or the README.

What's the point?

  • Smaller CSS means less bytes for your web site visitors to download.
  • Sometimes you remove stuff from your HTML that is still referenced in your CSS.
  • With really slimmed down and custom fitted CSS you can afford to put the CSS inline instead of as a link.
  • ...which makes the web page render faster.

What about AJAXy stuff?

By default, the downloading of the HTML from the URL is done statically without Javascript support. If you have PhantomJS installed, you can use that instead it will attempt to run the Javascript that is loaded on the page.

If your page only has a little Javascript creating DOM elements and you don't have PhantomJS installed, you can still use mincss. See this example.

Authors and Contributors

The creator and current maintainer of mincss is Peter Bengtsson (@peterbe).

Other contributors (aka. heros) are listed here.


Yes! and yes.

Support or Contact

File a bug/issue if you find something wonky.